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TVS BS-C103G Speed 350 Scans/Sec. Laser Barcode Scanner (Handheld)

Original price was: 4,495.00.Current price is: 2,700.00.
  • 1D CCD Imager Scanner with unsurpassed penetrabiltiy
  • Scan speed of 350 scans per second
  • Capable of scanning 3 millions barcode
  • Capable of scanning damaged and low contrast codes

TVS BS-i302 G Omni Directional Hands-Free 2D & 1D Barcode Scanner

Original price was: 14,995.00.Current price is: 9,300.00.
  • Hands-Free Barcode reading for Retail Application
  • Best Motion capture
  • Best in class Frames / Sec rating
  • Easy to switch Auto Trigger and Manual mode

Tvs BS-L100 Plus Barcode Scanner

Original price was: 4,245.00.Current price is: 2,100.00.
  • Brand : TVS
  • Model Number: ‎‎BS-I100N
  • Manufacturer : ‎TVS

TVS Champ USB wired Keyboard (Black)

Original price was: 1,095.00.Current price is: 530.00.
  • Array of 104 keys
  • Membrane keys
  • Choice of interface – USB
  • Sculpted keycap with the click of touch feeling

TVS Electronics Cash Money Counting Machine CC232

Original price was: 7,995.00.Current price is: 5,950.00.
  • Model : TVS CC 232 Classic
  • Detection Technology : IR Sensor, UV Sensor, Magnetic Sensor
  • Detects Fake Note, Inbuilt display
  • Detects Duplicate Note, Detects Cut Note

TVS Electronics Cash money Counting Machine CC453 Star+

Original price was: 16,495.00.Current price is: 12,600.00.
  • High precision Advanced counterfeit detection- UV,MG,IR,3D color with size detection
  • Mixed note counting, Value count and denomination sorting in the same device
  • Easy firmware upgradation. Additional customer display as optional
  • Detects and counts both old and new currencies
  • Has automatic count mode. Easy maintenance : Self check function

TVS Electronics LP 46 Neo barcode Black Label printer

  • Allows printing wider tags
  • Thermal Print Head with better wear resistance
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • 6 IPS print speed
  • High ribbon capacity of 300 mtrs
  • Compact & user friendly

TVS Gold Bharat Mechanical USB wired Keyboard (Black)

Original price was: 3,595.00.Current price is: 2,650.00.
  • Array of 104 keys
  • Mechanical Keys with cherry switches for long life
  • Choice of interface – USB
  • 9 Vernicular Languages to chose
  • Sculpted keycap with the click of touch feeling

TVS Ribbon Cartridge SP40 plus Compuprint

Original price was: 1,545.00.Current price is: 1,360.00.
  • Brand : TVS Electronics
  • Connectivity Technology : USB
  • Colour  : Black
  • Series : Speed 40 plus ribbon cartridge
  • Print Media : Paper(plain)

TVSe 80 Column Ribbon Cartridge

Original price was: 250.00.Current price is: 240.00.
  • Brand : TVSe 80 Column Ribbon cartridge
  • Part No : 2028020009